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Wishing Stones

What is a Wishing Stone? Many cultures across the world have believed that natural objects that have holes pierced through them have magical properties. The native Indians of North America believed that stones shells, wood had been entered by the spirits and possessed sacred elements, they would fashion these items into beads and decorative jewelry to protect them in this world.

Even in Britain strong believes revolve around many stone monoliths that can be found around the country, The ‘Tor Stones’ in southern England, huge holed stones that stand on the moors are said to relieve and even cure medical ailments by climbing through the holes.

I have handcrafted my pottery wishing stones to give pleasure both for sight and to touch, each stone whether its Raku or Stoneware it will be unique in color and finish. We believe that the wishes are sealed in when the stone is fired and only released when the true owner is found and connects with the magic of the stone.


Wishing Stones – Eddie Kent Ceramics

Wishing Stones Ceramics by Eddie Kent

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