Time is the continued sequence of existence and event that occurs in an apparently irreversible succession from past, through the present into the future . . .

. . . my work is inspired by the amalgamation of designs from many moment in time, sampling Gothic, Celtic, Industrial Victorian, Early Seventies Sci Fi, Current and maybe Future time frames.

About me

Since I can remember I have had a passion for creating art, as a young teenager I sketched, painted (watercolour and oils) and later as a graphic designer in gouache then eventually using computers in the world of publishing.

It was much later that I found clay as a creative medium, in fact it was by chance whilst looking for a ‘stress buster’ from the ever increasing pressure of running my own design and marketing company. But once found it quickly took over my life with a incredible positive effect.

Other than two terms of evening classes I have become a self taught’ ceramic artist but still exploring new techniques with only one regret, that I did not find clay earlier in my life.

My passion is carving and I find clay the ideal medium for this being be both maluble and forgiving. I love technically challenging myself and the Raku and Stoneware firing techniques I use.


The Studio

I think I am incredibly privileged to work and have a studio nestled in The Lyn Valley just outside the coastal towns of Lynton and Lynmouth in North Devon. Visitors are always welcome at the studio, but it is always best to contact me first as I do not have set working hours.

Along side the work on this site I also produce more commercial pottery under the name of LynValley Pots.



I will take on commissions on the understanding that that project is in my style. With all commissions your requirements are discussed and drawings supplied before I go ahead. A non refundable deposit is taken on all commissions to cover cost of material and time with balance payed on delivery. If this is something you are interested please contact me direct.