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Barad-dûr (The Dark Tower – Lord of the Rings)


This sculptural piece is based on the Lord of the Rings and is my take on Barad-dûr (The Dark Tower). A large statement piece that was a real labour of love.

Its construction consist of the lower sections started as a large coil form that was then carved and additions added and modelled. The tower it-self was made by slabs around a former and again carved and details added.

The piece was then bisque fired. A combination of black matt and gloss glaze with oxides to get the weathered look. It was than all fired again to stoneware. I created the ‘eye’ in resin (a first for me). Internal LED spots have been used to illuminate parts of the tower and under the eye, the colour of light is controlled by a remote control.


  • Height 1.2metre
  • Width 450mm
  • Depth 450mm


  • Stoneware

Full Price: £2500.00

Reserve for price £100.00